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The Management of Technology Research Lab (Materlab) constitutes the University’s platform that promotes ideas on technology and asset management, innovation and entrepreneurship within a regional, national and international environment and focuses its research and services on:

  • Creation and diffusion of knowledge, guidance, information and development of dynamic and mainly stochastic models for Technology, Asset Management (Reliability & Maintenance) and Innovation Policies.
  • Development of platforms for virtual sessions and discussions that ensure the diffusion of knowledge and information in the areas of Technology Development & Transfer, Knowledge Management, Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Development of models with the use of System Dynamics (S.D.) methodological approach, with an objective to integrate the systemic approach, the computer modelling and the simulation discipline into a holistic dynamic consideration of Innovation Systems.
  • Organization of lectures and seminars in the field of Management of Technology and Innovation with additional emphasis to Asset Management, Reliability and Maintenance of Technological Systems.
  • Provision of scientific and technical advice to the Regional Stakeholders in topics related to Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development.
  • Technical support on Regional Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation (e.g. mentoring for the development of Business Development).
  • Harmonisation and links between the process of Technological Innovation and the process of Social Innovation and Smart Specialisation.

Materlab works towards creating a technologically strong market place and developing economic growth within the region of Western Macedonia and widely within Europe, with emphasis to the South East part of the Continent. It supports new ways to motivate regional networks and clusters into implementing innovative ideas.

Materlab is an active partner in many research and development projects on innovation and entrepreneurship in regional development, including regional innovation strategies, regional knowledge management, and tools supporting technological innovation, entrepreneurship and increasing business competitiveness.

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