Entrepreneurship and its Education

Entrepreneurship and its Education

Entrepreneurship plays a very important role in revitalising the regional, national and global economy, especially during economic downturns. There seems to be a positive relationship between entrepreneurship and economic growth, which creates a challenge for higher education. Higher education needs to foster entrepreneurial culture among young people and nurture entrepreneurial mindset, responding to this challenge and providing students and young people with the necessary capabilities to realise their business ideas. Our aim is to research and develop tools and methods for developing successfully the entrepreneurial mindset of young people.

The programme, "Creation of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Unit", under the auspices of the Operational Programme "Education and Lifelong Learning 2007-2013" aimed to foster innovation and entrepreneurship among students in higher education institutions, linking higher education with the loabour market. It encouraged innovation and entrepreneurship among young people by organizing conferences and competitions for the selection of innovative ideas and business plans seeking to develop skills that prmote the modernization of administrative procedures, the growth of entrepreneurship and the development of human resources in research and technology.

For this reason, created the electronic platform of asynchronous training. Through this platform students have access in material relative to entrepreneurship, innovation and education.

All courses and material is available through: http://elearn.materlab.eu/



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