Innovation Systems and Dynamics Modelling

Innovation Systems and Dynamics Modelling

The innovation process involves interactive relations among different actors, following a non-linear path which is characterised by complicated feedback mechanisms. The systemic approach of innovation is grounded on the presumption that innovation processes cannot be decomposed into several isolated phases that take place in a strictly proceeding sequence. This research axe focuses on the use of National Innovation Systems (NIS) as an analytical frame, in order to reveal the structure of regional and national innovation processes and main involved actors.

Mathematical models from one hand, can provide significant insights about the dynamics of the innovation process and from the other hand can be tools to study the impact of innovative policies on the performance of Innovation Systems. Towards this direction, the need for holistic dynamic mathematical models, such as system dynamics (S.D.), which can be used as a tool to describe and to analyse the complex and dynamic nature of Innovation Systems, is obvious. Our aim is to provide a holistic modelling approach to the Innovation System’ concept, in order to reveal the functions and the mechanisms which lead to their innovative performance.

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