Recent Projects



  ODS3F                      ODS3F: The Observation and Detection System for Forest Fire Monitor





         DLA: The Digital Agenda of the new age in the European Regions



   entredi        ENTREDI: The Entrepreneurship Diversity in the European Regions



   iktimed        IKTIMED: Increasing Knowledge Transfer and Innovation in the





      EFFMIS       EFFMIS: The Management of Forest Fires using Information Systems



         ERIK ACTION   ERIK ACTIONS: The Innovative Activities and Initiatives for the new

                                                                                               Regions of Knowledge



   mainDSS      mainDSS: The new approaches to a Digital Maintenance System for 

                                                                                  Technological Systems


    REGIONAL INNOVATION POLE OF WESTERN MACEDONIA (R.I.P.W.M.)     SynEnergia: The Innovation Pole of Western Macedonia






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