EFFMIS: European Forest Fires Monitoring using Information Systems


EFFMIS, an INTERREG IVC Capitalisation project aimed to pool good practices (GPs) on the exploitation of using information systems in order to early detect, efficiently manage and handle forest fires, assess the damage caused and identify ways for regeneration. EFFMIS focused on the exchange of good practices between the participating regions. All partners developed regional action plans to demonstrate how each region can improve its natural resources protection systems against forest fires using ICTs.

The leverage effects of using information systems for forest fires detection and management was through joint learning and actions and specifically by:

  • capitalizing on previous experience at regional level and European level in this policy field in order to move from experience exchange to concrete transfer actions;
  • transferring previously identified GPs increasing the capacity of responsible parties for forests monitoring authorities and research institutes;
  • raising awareness on potential tools for increasing the effectiveness of relevant information systems;
  • ensuring that GPs transferred have a quantifiable and measurable impact on the statistics of the regions receiving them;
  • enabling a constant flow of knowledge transfer between EU regions.

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