TRAIN IN MAIN: TRAINing material IN MAINtenance


Maintenance strategies affect the most significant operations of every manufacturing organization, regardless size and sector. With increasing automation and mechanization, the role of equipment maintenance in controlling quantity, quality and costs, is more evident and important than ever. To succeed in this new environment, equipment must be maintained in ideal operating conditions and must run effectively.

Train in Main Leonardo project aimed at:

  • Increasing the European SMEs competitiveness responding to the pressures of the market for continuous innovation and technological adaptations, using maintenance tools developed;
  • Cultivating plant and maintenance workers, managers and directors awareness in order to support the implementation of the innovating maintenance practices and tools. The key to systematic and effective maintenance is managerial decision-making is appropriate to the particular circumstances of the machine, plant or organisation.

Fundamental results of the project were a handbook in Maintenance Management, a Maintenance Self-Audit tool and a portal for training in Maintenance with an electronic curriculum, covering all relevant issues and a comprehensive training e-platform including a big selection of models, practices and tools.

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