ENTREDI: ENTREpreneurial DIversity


ENTREDI was an INTERREG IVC capitalization project with the full support of the Assembly of the European Regions (AER). Entrepreneurial activities have enormous impact for the economic performance of regions and the renewal of regional knowledge. Fostering entrepreneurship with (semi) public funding, contributes to a more prosperous regional economy and can reduce the unemployment rate significantly.

ENTREDI project partners were convinced that a shift is needed from a fragmented support system to a holistic approach. It is necessary to develop wide regional networks of involved government agencies, regional economic development providers, labour offices, universities, associations, banks, etc. in order to provide support to all potential and young entrepreneurs for overcoming the initial hurdles of launching their businesses. Active networks of public and private institutions as well as target group-orientated consultation and qualification approaches, have been already implemented in some ENTREDI partner Regions. The project gathered such activities, approaches and good practices into a pool, where all partners were able to find a tool or mechanism to implement or adopt in their regional Structural Funds framework.

Materlab was responsible for the design and editing of the ENTREDI guide book, where the whole process is described. In such a way, the experiences, methods and tools were made available to other European Regions.

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