“Knowledge Clusters in Western Macedonia”, under the EU Innovative Actions, aimed to create the public-private partnership that could play an important role in developing the “knowledge generation” through inter-regional collective learning and cross-sector interactive processes. “Knowledge Clusters in Western Macedonia” included nine (9) distinct Actions under the following categories:

  • Regional economies based on knowledge and technological innovation;
  • Information society at the service of regional development;
  • Regional identity and sustainable development.

The core of the K-CLUSTERS strategy in Western Macedonia was the development of business clusters based on innovative ideas and capitalizing on regional resources. At the end of the programme, this strategy was successfully delivered, as follows:

  • Completion of nine Action Plans;
  • Improvement of regional innovation performance, involving companies;
  • Development of virtual tools supporting the starting, operation, competitiveness and monitoring of companies and clusters;
  • Establishment of an Innovation Observatory;
  • Establishment of a mechanism supporting innovation-learning for SMEs & clusters;
  • Diffusion of innovation techniques and tools (benchmarking, financing innovation, business-plan, marketing-plan, cost-benefit analysis etc), through training schemes.

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