Publications / Scientific Books

In addition, a very large number of papers were published in scientific journals and magazines


  • «Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policies in the European. A research agenda»
  • «Erik Action»
  • «Entredi»
  • «Reliability and Maintenance of Technological Systems»
  • «Innovating in Thessaly»  
  • «An introduction to Innovation Management Techniques»
  • «RIS+ Regional Innovation Strategy: The case of Thessaly»
  • «Innovation Management Techniques in Region and Production Clusters»
  • «RIS Thessaly Regional Innovation Strategy Action Plan»
  • «Innovation process: make sense using systems thinking»
  • «Case studies book on entrepreneurship and innovation & business creation and management»  
  • «Enterprise education: practice-based activities for encouraging the entrepreneurial mind»
  • «Entrepreneurial path to market: a systemic modelling of entrepreneurial contracting»
  • «Decode global economic crisis influences on innovation cycle using system dynamics»


Scientific Books

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