This book aspires to equip the student, the young scientist and the entrepreneur, with the modern techniques and policies of innovation and entrepreneurship which are the basic tools in the development of sustainable competitive enterprises.

This book reviews theories and techniques of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology management, demonstrates correlation between innovation and economic competitiveness and sustainable growth and includes case studies and examples from private and public sectors.

PART A: UNDERSTANDING ENTREPRENEURSHIP, On the Trail of Entrepreneurship Through Time: From the Hittites & Ancient Greece to Steve Jobs & Silicon Valley, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, Business Process, Forms of Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship in Education, Business Training and Consulting, Mentoring and e-mentoring in Business Consulting, Social Networks, Financial Instruments for Enhancing Entrepreneurship, PART B: UNDERSTANDING THE SOCIAL ECONOMY AND SOCIAL BUSINESS. The Theoretical Framework, The Global and European Map of Social Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship in Greece, Social Entrepreneurship and Vulnerable Social Groups, Supporting Social Entrepreneurship, PART C: THE GENDER DIMENSION IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP, Women’s Entrepreneurship as a Research Field, Motivations , Intentions and Entrepreneurial Development: The Gender Dimension, Balancing Work and Family Life, Emotional Intelligence and Entrepreneurship, Index of Terms and Concepts, Index of Companies and Organizations