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Over the past decade, new dynamics have emerged in higher education and, based mainly on changing lifelong learning needs, on growing Information and Communication Technologies, on diversification of demand and supply. In research activities the differences and prospective of basic and applied research still remains the core issue, but now the challenge “think global, act local” gets new dimension with the necessity for both research for innovation and research on innovation.
It is more than evident that you can hardly mention higher education today without hearing the word innovation,” or its understudies “change”, “reinvention”, “networking”, “public – private partnership”. In today’s world of innovative actions and development of entrepreneurial societies, higher education and scientific institutions are working hard on research areas of innovation, towards policies of Cohesion, Convergence, Employment, Equal Development, ICTs, Innovation and Research.
Within this framework, and with the support of University of Western Macedonia, we took the initiative of creating an advanced Management of Technology Research Lab, “Materlab”, which constitutes the University’s platform that promotes ideas on technology and asset management, innovation and entrepreneurship within a regional, national and international environment and focuses its research and services, undoubtly with the support of a selected team of highly qualified experts. Materlab specialises in the fields of Technology and Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship, Research & Development, Clustering, Business Networking & Development and works towards creating a technologically strong market place and developing economic growth within the region of Northern Greece and widely within Europe.
In Materlab we are proud of our explicit growth within the last ten years. My personal commitment is that through the hard teamwork on a daily basis, Materlab will continue to strengthen its position in national and international communities. Within the following pages, you will find a detailed description of our fields of activity, and all contact details for interacting with us. We are looking forward to enhance our activities and increasing our profile in major global markets, by potentially establishing new cooperation with ensured high quality and effectiveness.
In Materlab we believe that it is our responsibility to fight for “Creating the Future Today”.

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