SITRANS Stakeholders Meeting

IGSMiE PAN as a partner of the SITRANS project within the framework of the implemented task on 31.05.2023 in the Lower Silesian province held consultations with a group of stakeholders. Representatives of science, entrepreneurs from sectors such as (mining, energy, recycling) i.e. key industries for the energy transition and business environment entities were invited to the meeting.

A total of 18 people participated in the consultation. The Quadruple Helix Model was used as a research model. Innovation policy must confront the pressures of the changes taking place. This approach, called “broad-based innovation,” involves, among other things, including non- technological innovations in the innovation system, as well as innovations responding to broadly defined social needs, of different social groups.

The change in the approach to the creation of innovation systems and the shift in emphasis from the Triple Helix Model to the inclusion of civil society is due to, among other things, social changes and accompanying global developments, e.g., an aging population, a new type of consumption, large social migrations, new phenomena in trade ( e.g., fair trade) and the protection of the environment and natural resources which require a different approach. The Quadruple Helix model takes into account society and institutions representing it, such as NGOs, as well as the end users of innovation, i.e. citizens. The model fosters the inclusion of society in the innovation system, which leads to the emergence of new forms of innovation and a new way of organizing networks of connections between different stakeholders.

The purpose of the meeting was to determine the position of the invited stakeholders on the activities, decisions made and also the significant barriers to the Fair Transformation process. The participants were asked four key questions in this area. It should be noted that all the questions aroused the interest of the participants, who spoke with great commitment on the issue presented to them