Why Green Energy is the market to invest in now

Storelectric is an EIS-Qualified developer of Green Energy projects & Technologies 
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Storelectric’s unique technology-patent is the missing piece of the jigsaw to a clean renewable energy supply. 
Why Green Energy
is THE market to invest in nowGovernment mandates, industry and consumers all require that we make Green Energy work.Hydrogen is an excellent replacement for many fossil fuels; it can be produced with zero emissions and the market is growing fast. But its succession over fossil fuels is hampered by the high cost of production, transportation and storage.Renewables, in addition, have the potential to generate sufficient energy to power the UK. But power plants have insufficient control over the dispatch of that Energy because renewable energy by its nature is intermittent.Projects and technologies which can produce cost-effective hydrogen, alongside largescale, long-duration energy storage make green energy commercially viable, and will enable the transition to a cleaner future for everyone.